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How can I verify the benefits for a policyholder?

1. Your patient will provide you an ID card for their short term medical plan. Pivot Health

plans are underwritten by insurance carrier Companion Life Insurance Company.

2. This fully-insured insurance plan has no PPO network restrictions or requirements. All licensed healthcare providers are accepted.

3. Payment is up to 25% more than what Medicare pays for doctor office visits and up to 50% more for facilities.

4. If you would like to verify insurance benefits, contact the benefit verification line at 866-323-2985.

5. Copay plans (when applicable) can be collected at the time of service for the office visit.

6. Get pre-certified taken care of in advance if necessary. All hospitalizations, other inpatient care, inpatient surgeries or surgical procedures and outpatient IV infusion therapy, radiation therapy and cardiac surgery, must be pre-certified. Contact the pre-certification line at 866-317-5273.

Updated on October 12, 2020

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