• How long is the “short-term” period with this type of health insurance?

    Depending on your state of residence, alternative health insurance, like short-term medical insurance plans, can span from just 30 days up to nearly three years, depending on state rules. This makes short-term medical insurance extremely flexible for your needs when life leaves you uninsured or just want a more cost-effective option.

  • What is short-term medical insurance?

    Short-term medical insurance is an affordable option that helps provide temporary healthcare insurance coverage through any transition period when you find yourself without major medical health insurance. You choose the length of coverage, from 30 to nearly three years, depending on your state of residence, what deductible amount you wish…

  • How do I file a short-term medical insurance claim?

    Follow the directions on your medical ID card. Whenever possible, have your provider file your claim for you. To review your medical EOBs and claims payments, visit the ISB self-service website.

  • Who do I contact if I have questions about supplemental insurance?

    Questions regarding supplemental insurance benefits: Client Services Phone: 844-630-7500 Email: clientservices@insurancebenefitadministrators.com Mail: Insurance Benefit Administrators, P O Box 2943, Shawnee Mission, KS 66201-1343 Questions regarding association membership benefits: Member Services Phone: 800-432-3276 Email: customercare@cainc.org Mail: 403 S. Union, Fergus Falls, MN 5637

  • What are the waiting periods for preexisting conditions?

    Hospital indemnity, which pays for accidents and illnesses, has a 12-month preexisting condition clause. Critical illness includes a first occurrence/diagnosis while covered under this program. (State variations may also apply.)

  • Where do I get my medical ID card?

    There are no physical ID cards because you do not need proof of membership since fulfillment and benefits are accessible online. But call 844-630-7500 if you would like to file a claim.