• What is the difference between short-term medical, COBRA and ACA plans?

    There are many differences between the three. Short-term health insurance is temporary insurance to help you get immediate coverage when you are uninsured. COBRA insurance is available to former employees who have lost their employee health insurance. It’s the most expensive option, costing employees 100% of the cost of insurance…

  • Who is Communicating for America?

    For more than 40 years, Communicating for America (CA), a national organization, has provided access benefits, advocacy and representation for individuals and families. Every short-term health insurance plan includes non-insurance benefits provided by CA that include telemedicine, discount vision and other benefits.

  • Who is Healthcare.com?

    HealthCare.com is the parent company of Pivot Health, a leader in technology-enabled health insurance solutions. Its backers include AXIS Capital, CNO Financial Group, Second Alpha, and Link Ventures in addition to its original investor, PeopleFund and individual investors including current and former executives of Booking.com and Priceline. 

  • Will I be contacted before my policy expires?

    Yes. You will receive an email from  Insurance Benefit Administrators (IBA), who Pivot Health partners with for administration of its plans, regarding your upcoming natural termination date 15 days prior to the termination.

  • How do I know the status of a medical claim?

    You will receive an Explaination of Benefit (EOB) from IBA explaining how your claim(s) will be paid. If you have questions about your claims you can check the IBA Member Portal, call IBA directly or email them to ask questions about your claim status.

  • How do I get my ID card?

    When you enroll in a Pivot Health plan you receive an email that same day with instructions on how to set up your online account, either through your online member portal or Pivot Health’s mobile app. Once you are in your account you will find your ID card along with…

  • Who is Pivot Health?

    Pivot Health is the coverage division of HealthCare.com, a leading health insurance comparison company. It markets non-ACA plans, which include short-term medical, dental, vision, products for 60+ seniors, limited duration benefits and supplemental health insurance. Since 2016 it has been connecting consumers like you to health plans either directly online,…